Omni Overdrive: Sign-Off and The Path Ahead

Omni Overdrive concludes its second testnet phase, surpassing milestones with 6M+ transactions, 400K+ unique wallets, and a unified L2 ecosystem. Join us as we reflect on our journey, and set our sights on the future of Omni

Omni Overdrive: Sign-Off and the Path Ahead

Omni Overdrive represented an accumulation of the efforts of both our developers and our ecosystem partners. It provided a glimpse into the potential of cross-rollup technology and a demonstration of Omni's commitment to pioneering blockchain interoperability and scalability space.

As we prepare to conclude the second iteration of our testnet v2, Omni Overdrive, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our recent endeavors, share remarkable milestones, and spotlight the road ahead.

Key Achievements from Testnet V2:

In Omni Origin (Testnet V1), we had over 1.5M transactions and welcomed more than 150K users from all corners of the world to the Omni Network. An astounding 2.4K+ smart contracts were deployed, showcasing the significant amount of developer activity that Omni has attracted even at such an early stage.

This set the stage for Omni Overdrive, where we witnessed almost threefold growth in every metric, far surpassing our internal targets. Such momentum speaks not only to our team's dedication but also to the unceasing commitment of our community. We couldn't be more grateful.

  • Ecosystem Partnerships: With over 30 projects involved in Omni Overdrive, we have made significant progress in demonstrating clear value to innovative and venture-backed teams building in the industry.
  • Developer Engagement: Omni Overdrive saw the deployment of over 105,000 smart contracts, highlighting the robust and growing developer engagement on our platform.
  • Transaction Landscape: Over 6,000,000 transactions have been processed. This serves as a testament to the sheer size of the Omni community but also has played a key role in battle testing early versions of the network which we have used to make numerous deep protocol-level optimizations.
  • Unique Participants: With over 400,000 unique wallets Omni Overdrive has demonstrated not only the widespread scale at which Omni is attracting users but also at retaining those users with an average of over 10 transactions per wallet — showing that our community members are consistently returning to use new applications.
  • Cross-rollup Activity: Overdrive processed over 1,400,000 cross-rollup transactions — establishing the beginning of a unified L2 ecosystem.

Mission Completion: Your Last Chance to Engage

As Omni Overdrive evolved, we highlighted various missions that demonstrated the different cross-rollup use cases that developers were bringing to the Omni ecosystem. Before we transition beyond Omni Overdrive, here is your last opportunity to mark your participation in the four remaining missions we have running.

  1. Collar Protocol
  2. DotNames Domain
  3. DripVerse Protocol
  4. Omniflux

The final date for participating in these missions is November 10, 2023

What’s Next?

As we forge ahead, our priorities include:

  • Continuing to expand our team with more senior engineers (apply here)
  • Securing the Omni Network with the restaking integration
  • Further optimizing our messaging system so that we can handle even greater scale

We’re eager to unveil our newest innovations in upcoming testnets. Follow along on our Twitter to be the first notified when they go live.


As Omni Overdrive draws to a close on November 10th, we want to extend our gratitude to every participant, project, and developer who has contributed to the growth of the Omni ecosystem. Every single one of you has played a key role in helping us battle-test this network before mainnet — an essential responsibility to ensure that the multiple combined innovations that make Omni possible are working together seamlessly.

About Omni

Omni is the aggregation infrastructure for Ethereum’s L2 ecosystem. Built to run in parallel with the core Ethereum protocol, Omni uses Ethereum validators to establish a high-performance blockchain network that empowers developers to deploy apps across all L2s — massively expanding their user base and unifying Ethereum’s liquidity globally.

Omni is backed by $18M from prominent investors such as Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and Jump Crypto.

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