Omni Launches Streams – Revolutionizing Message Delivery for Developers

Omni Launches Streams – Revolutionizing Message Delivery for Developers

Omni is thrilled to announce the launch of a highly anticipated feature: Streams. This new capability addresses the pressing need for faster and more flexible message delivery options.

With Streams, developers now have the choice to send their XMsgs in two distinct modes: fast and finalized. This flexibility allows for optimized transaction processing based on the specific needs of the application.

  • Fast Mode: For transactions where speed is crucial, fast mode delivers messages near-instantly. Fast mode transactions are delivered to destination networks as soon as source rollups issue a sequencer confirmation for the given transaction. This option is perfect for low-value transactions where immediate delivery is a priority.
  • Finalized Mode: For high-value transactions requiring greater security, finalized mode ensures messages are delivered once rollups post their calldata to L1 and are finalized on two Ethereum Beacon Chain epochs, approximately 12 minutes. This mode offers an added layer of assurance, making it ideal for critical transactions.

By offering these two options, Omni empowers developers to tailor their messaging strategies to their specific needs, balancing speed and security as required. Fast mode caters to applications needing quick responses, while finalized mode is suited for those that prioritize transaction integrity and finality.

"We are excited to bring Streams to our developer community," said Tyler Tarsi, CTO at Omni. "This was a highly requested feature and gives developers much more control and flexibility over their smart contract systems."

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and provide the tools you need to build applications that are available across the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

About Omni: Omni is the first integrated blockchain dedicated to providing innovative solutions for developers looking to expand their applications across all rollups. Our mission is to empower the next generation of decentralized applications with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support.

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