Request for Protocols

Request for Protocols

At Omni, we frequently discuss the types of applications we’d like to see leverage our technology to achieve cross-rollup scale. We’ve consolidated our best ideas below.

Please note that you don’t need to work on any of these in particular – we welcome ideas for all types of applications at various stages of development. This simply represents a novel list of innovative ideas that we’d be happy to contribute additional developer support towards building.

Protocol Ideas:

NFT Community-Backed Stablecoin

  • Take a heavily community / social-backed asset and use it as a stablecoin. $CULT (Remelia NFT family) or other strong NFT community-backed token could be used as initial collateral source.

Real Estate Index Synthetics / Perps

  • GMX-style perps that track commercial and residential real estate indices from major global cities. Pooled collateral model.

TikTok Perps

  • GMX-style perps that track hashtags, sounds, follower counts on TikTok clone (or pulled from actual TikTok API) application.

Twitch Livestream Spot/Perps Betting

  • Betting markets for Twitch livestreams – i.e., Fortnite already allows players to bet on their own number of kills in a match. Could create live lines / markets, revenue share / portion of total pool goes back to streamer.

Weather Betting

  • Spot / leverage / perps trading on weather – i.e., will it rain in X city on Y day (futures), will it rain in X and Y cities on the same day (parlay), over/under on temperatures, will temperature be above/below X on Y day of the week.

Rocket Game

  • Game which displays an ascending rocket that explodes at a “random” point in time with an increasing multiplier/reward until explosion. Allow for social live betting on the side for greater social coordination.

Synthetic Asset Management

  • GMX-style spot / perps on commonly traded ETFs and mutual funds or foreign stocks / commodities.

Google Search Predictions

  • Trending search markets on Google, binary predictions on if X or Y word/phrase will have more searches on Z day, week, month.

VC / Angel Perps

  • Perps / synthetics that bucket VC-portfolio tokens or angel allocations – i.e., Paradigm = $UNI, $DYDX, Panterra = $INJ, $OMNI, Multicoin = $SOL, $SEI.

Frictionless NFTs

  • Launchpad for xERC-721s as mechanism to most easily create chain-agnostic NFTs / POAPs, SBTs, in-game assets.

Universal Launchpad

  • Chain-agnostic crowdfunding launchpad platform that pulls deposits from any L2 and creates tokens that can be traded across all L2s.

Chain-Agnostic Casino

  • Chain-agnostic casino games that allow users to deposit collateral and participate in on-chain games from any Ethereum L2 without the need to bridge, manage multiple assets, wallets, etc.

Ultra-Simple Binary Markets

  • Single-market app that pulls deposits from every chain – best suited for one massive event (i.e., presidential election). Painfully simple frontend with deposit contracts.

If you’re interested in building one of these novel applications or have an idea for your own, please reach out to the Omni team for support and more information.

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