OmniFlux on Omni: Next-Gen Liquidity Transport Protocol

Discover why OmniFlux, a pioneering Liquidity Transport Protocol, chose to deploy on the Omni Network. Delve into the strategic benefits, Omni's unparalleled infrastructure, and how this deployment is set to revolutionize omnichain liquidity transport in DeFi.

OmniFlux on Omni: Next-Gen Liquidity Transport Protocol

Throughout 2023 Omni Network has developed a diverse and large-scale DeFi ecosystem. This comes directly downstream of Omni’s clear value propositions to developers: access to more users and global liquidity network effects.

Today, Omni’s DeFi ecosystem expands even further with the launch of OmniFlux, a Liquidity Transport Protocol built by the team behind DominusSwap. OmniFlux is launching on Omni due to the clear advantages that Omni provides to developers in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Omni's Distinctive Advantages

Unified Rollup Ecosystem: Omni is purpose-built for developers looking to thrive in a world of many rollups — as the L2 ecosystem in Ethereum expands Omni is the only way that developers can directly access all of the liquidity and users across each of these platforms.

Global Liquidity Advantages: By aggregating bridges Omni ensures that developers can always provide their users with the widest array of assets, at the best execution rates possible.

Potential for Growth Acceleration: Even in these early stages Omni has developed an ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of users on the Omni Overdrive testnet. By leveraging the advantages of Omni’s technologies, the OmniFlux team can also battle-test their software on a large scale, global capacity.

A Guide for Users: Engaging with OmniFlux on Omni

Step 1 — Mint Your Omni Overdrive Launch Supporter OAT from Galxe

Mint Your Omni Overdrive Launch Supporter OAT from Galxe

Kickstart your journey by minting your Omni Overdrive Launch Supporter OAT from Galxe.

Step 2 — Claim Testnet Funds from Faucet

Claim Testnet Funds from Faucet

After acquiring your OATs, secure your testnet funds here. This is where you’ll claim $ETH on all integrated rollups.

Step 3 — Connect Your Wallet to OmniFlux

Connect Your Wallet to OmniFlux

Proceed to OmniFlux’s User Interface and connect to your preferred wallet

Step 4— Add or change to Omni Network

Add or change to Omni Network

Go to the network switcher on the top right of the navigation bar, and select Omni Network. The Dapp will change the Network from your current Network to Omni, or if you do not have the Omni Network Added, it will add the network for you and then change it

Step 5— Claim USDC from Omniflux's Native Faucet

Claim USDC from our Faucet

Go to the Faucet page on OmniFlux. Make sure you are on Omni Chain Network, then click on Claim Tokens, you can claim 100 USDC per day

Step 6— Transfer USDC from Omni to Arbitrum/Optimism

Transfer USDC from Omni to Arbitrum

Go to the Transfer page of OmniFlux. Select USDC in "From Token" and Omni on "From Network". Then, select Arbitrum Goerli on "To Network", then swap your preferred amount. Finally, click on "Transfer".

Similarly, swap between Omni & Optimism Goerli.

Step 7 — Transfer USDC from Arbitrum/Optimism to Omni

Similar to the above step, swap USDC from Arbitrum/Optimism to Omni OR Arbitrum/Optimism to Optimism/Arbitrum.

Step 8 — Mint Mission OmniFlux OAT on Galxe

Mint Mission OmniFlux OAT on Galxe


With Omni's infrastructure and global liquidity, OmniFlux is capable of offering users the most efficient and cost-effective financial experience. The direct benefit is evident: greater liquidity access, more users, and faster growth.

About OmniFlux

Omniflux is a Liquidity Transport Protocol designed to streamline and enhance the seamless transfer of tokens between Roll-up solutions.
OmniFlux is committed to simplifying cross-chain token integration via our OFT Token Standard, enabling tokens to seamlessly expand across multiple chains.

OmniFlux is live on Arbitrum Goerli, Omni and Optimism Goerli

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About Omni

Omni is the aggregation infrastructure for Ethereum’s L2 ecosystem. Built to run in parallel with the core Ethereum protocol, Omni uses Ethereum validators to establish a high-performance blockchain network that empowers developers to deploy apps across all L2s — massively expanding their user base and unifying Ethereum’s liquidity globally.

Omni is backed by $18M from prominent investors such as Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and Jump Crypto.

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