Omni Network Welcomes Taiko: Expanding the Horizons of Cross-Rollup Functionality

Omni integrates Taiko, enhancing Ethereum's L2 landscape. This empowers Taiko's devs with wider reach and users with seamless DApp interactions, advancing our vision of an interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

Taiko's integration with Omni Network

Today, we are announcing Taiko’s integration on the Omni Network. This integration empowers Taiko’s developers with global access to all users and liquidity across all L2s.

Taiko, a type-1 ZK-EVM, provides an EVM equivalent platform for developers to benefit from the low fees of L2s without adding additional development complexity. Taiko’s commitment to Ethereum equivalence aligns deeply with Omni’s commitment to the EVM by minimizing developer friction while still benefitting from the latest innovations in the industry. This integration of Omni directly expands Taiko’s developers access to the rest of the L2 ecosystem while maintaining the simple developer experience provided by Taiko today.

Benefits for Taiko:

Integrating with Omni Network opens new avenues for Taiko:

  • Global liquidity: When bootstrapping a new ecosystem, access to liquidity is essential. By joining the Omni Network, Taiko empowers its developers with access to liquidity across all L2s
  • Access to all users: This expansion empowers all Taiko developers with access to the users that are participating across the L2 ecosystem today. This will make it significantly easier for them to expand their user base and market share.


Taiko’s decision to join the Omni Network demonstrates a clear commitment to the unified future of Ethereum’s modular ecosystem. Leveraging Omni, Taiko broadens its reach across all L2s by allowing developers to gain access to users across all L2s, and users can easily interact with Taiko-native DApps without the complexities of asset bridging. This integration aligns with our shared goal of simplifying and enhancing user and developer experiences in the Ethereum ecosystem.

About Omni

Omni is the aggregation infrastructure for Ethereum’s L2 ecosystem. Built to run in parallel with the core Ethereum protocol, Omni uses Ethereum validators to establish a high-performance blockchain network that empowers developers to deploy apps across all L2s — massively expanding their user base and unifying Ethereum’s liquidity globally.

Omni is backed by $18M from prominent investors such as Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and Jump Crypto.

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