Announcing The Omni Ambassador Program - The Omnitrons

Omni introduces The Omnitrons, our global ambassador initiative for blockchain aficionados. Join and help in disseminating Omni Network's transformative tech, foster adoption, and engage with a diverse community. Enjoy perks like early updates, merchandise, and more. Dive in now!

Omnitron Ambassador Program

At Omni, we're thrilled to announce the launch of The Omnitrons, our global ambassador program! Designed for dedicated blockchain enthusiasts worldwide, this program provides an opportunity to spread knowledge about Omni Network and its groundbreaking technology.


The Omnitrons program aims to build a vibrant, diverse community dedicated to:

  • Educating people about the Omni Network and its potential impact on the world
  • Encouraging the adoption of Omni Network technologies
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange and professional development among ambassadors
  • Promoting active community engagement and contribution


As an Omnitron, your level of engagement determines the benefits you receive, which may include:

  • Early access to Omni updates and products
  • Exclusive Omni Ambassador merchandise and promotional materials
  • Networking opportunities with the Omni team and other ambassadors
  • Potential opportunities to attend blockchain events and conferences
  • Recognition and visibility within the Omni community
  • Monetary rewards based on contributions

Where to start?

Start your journey as an Omnitron today by completing these three steps:

  1. Mint Your OATs: To become an Omnitron, you must complete the following Galxe quests: L1 Launch Supporter, Omni Origins Launch Supporter and Omnitrons Ambassador Program Launch Supporter.
  2. Get the Scout Role: Once you reach Level 3 on Discord, go to Guild, and claim your role alongside the Scout OAT from Galxe
  3. Start Your Missions: Join us on Discord and complete missions in the #missions channel to get started.


As an ambassador, or an "Omnitron", you're expected to:

  • Actively promote Omni Network in your local community and online
  • Organize or participate in Omni-related events, meetups, and webinars
  • Create informative content explaining Omni's technology and mission
  • Serve as a point of contact for community members interested in Omni Network
  • Assist the Omni team with business development outreach


The Omnitrons Ambassador Program features five ranks, each with unique responsibilities and rewards. As you complete tasks and earn points, you'll level up through the ranks, unlocking more benefits. Each rank requires active engagement on Discord and various other contributions like social media engagement, user education, and significant contributions to the Omni community.

Omnitron Ranks
We'll be releasing art for the higher ranks as we onboard our first Omnitrons to each tier
Rank Requirements Rewards
Omnitron Scout • Follow us on Twitter & join Discord

• Add 🤖 emoji next to Twitter & Discord names

• Mint L1 Launch Supporter and Omni Origins Launch Supporter OATs on Galxe.

• Lv3 on Discord
• The Omni Journey as an Omnitron Scout begins here!

• Get the Omnitron Ranger role on Discord
Omnitron Ranger • Engage actively on Twitter (Commenting, RTing, liking etc.)

• Participate in Discord conversations - general and your regional channel

• Reach Lv7 on Discord

• Create quality content on social media - Threads, Blogs, Videos, Shorts, Reels, TikToks etc.

• Highlight new projects that we onboard to our testnet on your social channels.
• Participate in promising projects deploying on Omni

• Become a true early adopter of the Omni ecosystem

• Get the Omnitron Ranger role on Discord
Omnitron Guardian • Successfully pass the application process to become an Omnitron Guardian.

• Reach Lv10 on Discord

• Help with moderation on Discord and help the new members joining the Omni Ecosystem.

• Translation of official announcements, blogs and updates and rolling them out on official handles

• Help with designing official Merch, Swags, Stickers etc.

• For Omnitron Guardian and higher ranks, you will be demoted one level if you are inactive (earning zero points) for 1 month.

• You must be an Omnitron Ranger for at least 2 weeks before applying to Omnitron Guardian. You must also provide a list of tasks you have completed, OATs you hold and your on-chain history on the Omni Testnet (you can find your transaction hash on Omni Testnet Explorer)
• Invite to Private channels

• Get the Omnitron Guardian role on Discord

• Early access to new launches in the Omni ecosystem
Omnitron Vanguard • Become an accomplished Omnitron Guardian and/or regional leader in the Omni Ecosystem

• Reach Lv20 on Discord

• Foster and grow your Omnitron Squad - a strong regional community

• Help in BD outreach - projects, KOLs, publication etc. (referrals)

• Create, ideate & lead regional communities, pages, channels and campaigns

• Only the top Omnitron Guardian, who rank in the top 3 for two consecutive months, will move up to become Omnitron Vanguard.
• All the above benefits

• Get the Omnitron Vanguard role on Discord

• Receive Exclusive Omni Merch

• Community grants to lead regional efforts

• Invitation to events (Special Pass)

• Earn potential exposure via Omni Social handles for your work and content.

• Monthly reward based on contributions

• Speaking Opportunities at Events
Omnitron Overlord • Become an accomplished Omnitron Vanguard in the Omni Ecosystem

• Help, Lead & Manage the Ambassador programs

• Lead Regional Community campaigns and distribution - merch giveaway, IRL event planning, meetups, hackathons & workshops.

• You will only become an Omnitron Overlord through a voting process conducted by existing Overlords and the Omni Team.

• Work closely with the Omni team to launch successful campaigns
• Get the Omnitron Overlord role on Discord

• Potential for full-time opportunities in Omni

• Access to Exclusive events

• Represent Omni at a higher level

• Receive the highest tier of monthly token rewards

How to contribute

To kick off your journey as an Omnitron, you can start by completing a few initial tasks, such as social media engagement, content creation, video production, art creation, translation, or reaching out to developers.

Tasks Description Includes
Social media engagement Engaging with social media posts from official channels, partners and mentions Like, Retweet and Comment Tweets from Omni and partner projects
Text and video content creation Explainer and onboarding content for new users and devs regarding the Omni Network and its ecosystem • Product Updates

• Omni’s Dev Docs

• Omni’s value propositions

• Testnet Walkthrough
Art Making creative memes, infographics, or other art pieces • Memes

• Art - 3D, Illustrations, etc.

• Infographic
Translation Translating official news into the local language and distributing it Official Blog Posts and Tweets
Ecosystem growth Reaching out to devs to build on top of Omni. Alternatively, creating and trying out the Omni Network by deploying projects, testing, and exploring the network and its products • Protocol deployments

• Creation of open source tooling

• Contributions to ecosystem projects

Application Process

To ensure we select dedicated and knowledgeable ambassadors, the application process will include:

  • Your existing contribution - Tracking based on the NFTs, activity in Discord and engagement on Omni’s social channels. Early contributors will be given priority.
  • Online Application: Prospective ambassadors planning to become Omnitron Guardian will fill out an application detailing their experience with blockchain technology, interest in Omni, and ideas for promoting Omni in their community. Fill the application HERE.
  • Review: The Omni team will review applications and select the most promising candidates.
  • Interview: Selected candidates may be asked to participate in an interview to discuss their ideas and qualifications further.
  • Onboarding: Once accepted, ambassadors will receive an onboarding package with training materials and will be invited to join an exclusive Omni Ambassadors chat on the Discord server.

About Omni

The Omni Network is a layer 1 blockchain built to connect all rollups. Using Omni, developers can build global applications that are available across all rollups. Secured through restaking $ETH, Omni is a next-generation blockchain leading the frontier in both security and functionality.

Omni is backed by $18M from prominent investors such as Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures and Jump Crypto.

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