Omni x Ancient8: Global Ethereum Gaming

Omni deepens its ties to the Superchain ecosystem by integrating Ancient8, marking our entry into gaming-specialized rollups. Join us as we expand Ethereum's horizon, making gaming universally accessible while ensuring developers and users a unified, expansive platform.

Omni x Ancient8: Global Ethereum Gaming

Omni’s infrastructure ties itself even deeper into the Superchain ecosystem through the integration of another OP stack-based rollup: Ancient8. Following our integration of leading general-purpose rollups like Arbitrum, Linea, Scroll, and Optimism, the integration of Ancient8 demonstrates Omni’s first expansion into a rollup specialized in a specific use case: gaming. This expansion of the Omni ecosystem pushes the Superchain one step further, expanding the functionality and robustness of the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

The Superchain is a vision of hyperscaling Ethereum through an interconnected network of OP stack-based rollups. Over the last month, Omni has consistently demonstrated product growth by establishing itself as the connective infrastructure across rollups, helping scale Ethereum as a whole. By integrating diverse and specialized OP stack rollups like Ancient8, Omni expands the opportunity for developers to build on domains that are best fit for their use cases while still maintaining access to Ethereum’s entire ecosystem of users. This move ensures both developers and users have an expansive, unified platform to operate on.

Why Ancient8? The Gaming Frontier

At its heart, Ancient8 is making Ethereum gaming universally accessible. With a suite tailor-made for game studios, Ancient8's Chain facilitates seamless game launching, onboarding, marketing, localization, and engagement.

A notable distinction of Ancient8 is their inherent ability to address the pressing challenges in Web3 gaming. Where many blockchains falter in offering the required tools and technology, Ancient8's Chain stands resilient, precisely tailored to the unique demands of gaming. This vision is enhanced with the Ancient8 Ecosystem of builders, hosting protocols like Space3, Dojo Launchpad, Eko ID, PlayNation, and Gosu Network, all geared towards promoting an integrative world of Web3 gaming.

Key Features of the Omni & Ancient8 Integration

  1. Unified Ecosystem: Once integrated with Omni's solutions, projects developed on the Ancient8 Chain will be poised to connect their DApps across the entire Ethereum spectrum, tapping into a broader range of Ethereum users and capital.
  2. Effortless Asset Management: Upon completion, gamers on the Ancient8 Chain will be able to transition and oversee their assets across all Ethereum roll-ups, removing the prior tradeoff that Ancient8 game developers had to face when opting to build on a platform specialized in gaming at the cost of limited access to liquidity across the rest of the Ethereum ecosystem.
  3. Expanding Application Reach: The integration of Ancient8 into the Omni Network will provide game developers with the tools to create applications accessible throughout the Ethereum ecosystem.
  4. Trade, Mint, & Lend Potential: Following the integration and starting with the Ancient8 Testnet, gamers will have the capability to trade, mint, and lend across every corner of Ethereum.

In Summary

The collaboration between Omni and Ancient8 demonstrates a more interconnected Ethereum gaming environment, focusing on usability, asset management, and broadened application reach. As we advance, our collaborative aim remains unwavering: to craft a gaming future that's scalable, streamlined, and decentralized. This integration is a stride towards that envisioned reality.

About Ancient8

Ancient8 is a gaming-focused, community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 built to onboard the next 100M Web3 citizens. Ancient8 utilizes OP Stack Layer 2 technology to offer blockchain games the best features of Ethereum at a significantly reduced cost & no code-change needed. Backed by the Ancient8 Collective, games and protocols contributing to the growth of the Ancient8 Chain are eligible for both Ecosystem and Financial support.

Ancient8 has raised $10M in total financing from leading investors, including Animoca, Pantera, Dragonfly, Hashed, Makers Fund, C² Ventures, Mechanism, Coinbase, and IOSG, among others. Join us in shaping the future of decentralized applications with Ancient8 Chain.

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About Omni

The Omni Network is a layer 1 blockchain built to connect all rollups. Using Omni, developers can build global applications that are available across all rollups. Secured through restaking $ETH, Omni is a next-generation blockchain leading the frontier in both security and functionality.

Omni is backed by $18M from prominent investors such as Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and Jump Crypto.

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