Omni Omega Phase Two: How to Delegate

Omni Omega Phase Two: How to Delegate

What This Means and How to Participate

Omni is excited to announce phase two of the Omni Omega testnet.

Phase two allows users to delegate testnet restaked ETH to Omni via EigenLayer.

Before delegating, users will need some Holesky testnet ETH. Holesky recently replaced Goerli as the preferred testnet for staking and infrastructure protocols.

CoinGecko has a great guide for obtaining Holesky ETH here.

Users simply need to add Holesky to their wallet and then obtain Holesky ETH from a faucet. To add Holesky to your wallet, use the information here:

Network name: Holesky Testnet

Network / RPC URL:

Chain ID: 17000 

Currency symbol: ETH 

Block explorer URL:

Users may also add Holesky to their wallet via ChainList.

Once that’s done, users may obtain Holesky testnet ETH via a faucet. Both QuickNode and Holesky PoW Faucet work well.

Delegating to Omni

Before delegating, users must have restaked on EigenLayer.

The easiest way to restake on EigenLayer is to swap some Holesky ETH for Holesky stETH here:

Note that this may take two transactions.

Once you have Holesky stETH, you may restake it on EigenLayer here: 

From there, users can delegate to Omni here: 

Once on this page, simply select an amount and click “Delegate.”

That’s it! You’re now delegating to the first AVS on EigenLayer and contributing to the future of interoperability.

Going Forward

Stay tuned for phases three and four of Omni Omega.

Phase three will focus on interoperability and passing cross-rollup messages between Arbitrum and Optimism. Phase four will allow users to deploy contracts on Omni’s EVM and pass messages between Optimism, Arbitrum, and the Omni EVM.

These phases will set the stage for Omni mainnet, where the pieces will come together to form the bedrock of secure interoperability. A unified rollup landscape is just around the corner. 

About Omni Network

Omni Network is at the forefront of developing secure interoperability solutions. By pioneering the first actively validated service, Omni sets a new standard for secure and performant interoperability, ensuring a seamless, secure, and unified Ethereum ecosystem for all.