Omni Omega – A Milestone Towards Secure Rollup Interoperability

Omni Omega – A Milestone Towards Secure Rollup Interoperability
Omega marks Omni's final testnet before mainnet.

What This Means

Omni Network is excited to announce the launch of its final testnet, Omni Omega.

Phase one of Omega focuses on restaking and bootstrapping security. Operators are now able to delegate ETH, stETH, rETH, cbETH, and bwETH to Omni via EigenLayer, helping to secure Omni’s network while increasing the utility of staked assets. Soon, users will be able to do the same.

Phases two and three will follow shortly. They'll focus on user delegation and interoperability. Stay tuned because phases two and three will be where users can directly interact with Omega

The First AVS, Secured by Over $1B in Delegated ETH

As the first actively validated service (AVS) on EigenLayer, Omni Network is revolutionizing the way blockchain networks communicate and secure each other. An AVS is a sophisticated system that uses its own set of distributed validation rules for verification, covering a wide range of applications from sidechains to new virtual machines and even oracle networks. Omni's unique approach addresses the long-standing challenges of interoperability by introducing unmatched security.

Omni Network will be the most secure interoperability platform from inception, addressing a crucial industry gap. With over $1 billion in commitments for delegated ETH from leading liquid restaking token providers like EtherFi, Swell, Kelp, EigenPie, and Bedrock, Omni secures its network through EigenLayer's innovative restaking technology. This colossal backing not only underscores Omni's leadership but also its role in fostering a unified and secure rollup ecosystem.

Solving Fragmentation Across Rollups

The imminent threats of fragmentation and security vulnerabilities within the Ethereum ecosystem are effectively countered by Omni's cutting-edge chain architecture. This bespoke design not only boasts high performance but also leverages the inherent security of Ethereum through restaking, ensuring a robust and seamless interoperability experience.

With Omni, developers can easily launch globally-native dApps which work across all current and future Ethereum rollups, solving the critical issues of liquidity and user experience fragmentation.

Having raised $18 million from prominent investors such as Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, Jump, and Spartan Group, Omni is poised to revolutionize interoperability across rollups. Omni’s first two testnets saw over 7 million transactions processed by more than 400,000 users, highlighting the community's trust and the platform's capability.

Omni Network invites developers, users, and enthusiasts to join us in this groundbreaking journey towards a secure, interoperable future. Stay tuned for the upcoming mainnet launch, which promises to redefine the standards of interoperability.

About Omni

Omni is the restaking-secured blockchain built to unite all rollups. By establishing a low-latency, high-throughput messaging network, Omni empowers developers to expand their applications across all rollups, unifying Ethereum’s liquidity globally.

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