Omni Armageddon: Mainnet Restaking

Omni Armageddon: Mainnet Restaking

We are thrilled to announce a milestone in Omni's journey – the launch of mainnet phase 1, Omni Armageddon.

This achievement marks the culmination of years of dedicated effort from Omni contributors in developing a secure interoperability solution. This launch is a pivotal step on the road to a unified rollup landscape.

With Omni Armageddon, users worldwide can actively participate in securing the network. This is made possible through restaking on EigenLayer, allowing users to restake various assets including ETH and liquid staking tokens. By delegating restaked assets to help secure Omni, you are directly contributing to a more secure and interconnected ecosystem.

How to Delegate

In order to delegate to Omni, users must first have restaked assets on EigenLayer.

Users can begin restaking by depositing one of the eligible assets here:

Once that’s done, navigate to the Omni AVS page here:

From there, scroll down and select an operator to delegate the restaked assets.

Omni's Purpose

Ethereum remains the most secure and decentralized smart contract layer, but its fragmented rollup landscape has led to a poor user experience and fragmented liquidity.

Omni reunites Ethereum by providing a platform for developers to launch globally-native applications that work across all rollups. Omni is bringing usability back to Ethereum with a unified, cohesive, secure solution. Users will no longer have to use different rollups for different applications.

Moving Forward

This launch is not just a pivotal moment for Omni but a celebration of what we can achieve together as a community. It's a call to action for all who believe in fostering a more connected rollup landscape. Together, we are paving the way for a future where networks operate seamlessly and securely across various platforms.

While Armageddon marks an important milestone, it's just the beginning of Omni's mainnet rollout. Stay tuned for the next phases in the coming weeks, where interoperability will take center stage.

For now, we invite you to join this exciting new chapter and start helping secure Omni today. Let's build a stronger, more connected future, one block at a time.

Welcome to Omni Armageddon – your stake in Ethereum's unified future.