Next Generation Modular Blockchains

Omni redefines modular blockchains by fusing Ethereum Restaking, Tendermint speed, and EVM compatibility. Pioneering a fresh era in cryptographic design, Omni offers unparalleled security and functionality. Dive into the future of blockchain innovation.

Omni - Security Speed & Functionality

Omni is a bold vision – it establishes a new precedent in cryptographic design by combining multiple novel innovations into a single unified platform. This post will provide an overview of the key technologies combined in novel ways to achieve Omni's unique advantages in security, speed and functionality.

Security – Ethereum Restaking

The Omni Network consists of validators who restake $ETH and attest to state updates on rollups to facilitate global interoperability. These $ETH based validators provide the security backbone of the network.

The Omni Network is proud to push the space forward in this dimension, establishing a new standard for security across modular blockchains. By leveraging a unique restaking mechanism, Omni is the first blockchain that can achieve fully customizable functionality while still deriving security from Ethereum.

Over time, we will be open sourcing this module for the community and plan to support an entire ecosystem of other blockchains that build upon this technology to create secure chains with specialized functionality.

Speed – Tendermint Consensus

By leveraging Tendermint PoS consensus our validators can agree upon the state of rollups nearly an order of magnitude faster than layer 1 Ethereum. As such, Omni serves as a fast settlement layer for rollups.

Historically it was not possible to utilize the speed advantages of Tendermint without compromising on security. However, when combined with $ETH restaking it becomes possible to achieve the speed provided by Tendermint while maintaining the strong security guarantees that users demand. This is incredibly powerful, and we will elaborate on this further down the line as it has unique properties that drastically improve the user experience of using rollups.

Functionality – Full EVM Compatibility  

Additionally, Omni is an entire programmable and stateful platform itself, so developers can leverage its fast settlement and secure interoperability to build natively cross-rollup applications.

Omni's execution layer is EVM compatible, enabled by Ethermint (An EVM module on Cosmos), so developers can work in Solidity with the tools with which they are familiar. The execution layer includes built-in functionality to access state, messages, and applications from integrated rollups, creating a seamless experience to access users and liquidity across these rollups.

Omni rollup applications will become the new standard in smart contract development. Designing applications in a global way provides the clear utility of a far greater addressable market of users and capital, establishing a new class of cross-rollup applications that will have fundamental economic advantages compared to their siloed competitors.

Putting It All Together

We are excited to be the first team building a modular blockchain providing functionality that was previously not possible while deriving security from Ethereum. This is an entirely new design space that we believe will usher in a new era of modular blockchains. Being leaders in this trend, we will be open sourcing our modules to accelerate the adoption and experimentation of these technologies by other teams looking to build their own specialized and secure modular blockchains.

About Omni

The Omni Network is a layer 1 blockchain built to connect all rollups. Using Omni, developers can build global applications that are available across all rollups. Secured through restaking $ETH, Omni is next generation blockchain leading the frontier in both security and functionality.

Omni is backed by $18M from prominent investors such as Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures and Jump Crypto.

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